SAR Merlin Full Body Harness

01 Overview

SAR Merlin Full Body Harness

The SAR Merlin Full Body harness has been designed for industrial rope access and technical rescue where personnel wish to have either a wrap around or step in fit with a pull over the head style.

The wrap around fit has been constructed into all the SAR multi purpose harness range. This innovative pattern includes two independent front waist attachment points in different profiles. This is so the the rope access and rescue technicians can utilise any type of rope descender without twisting the system.

The Merlin Harness is also fitted with upper D connection points at the front and rear for safety back up and fall arrest attachment. The laminated foam and shaped shoulder pads give additional comfort to the user.

The Harness comes in two different forms - the standard Merlin or the Merlin tech which has the addition of a fixed chest ascender. This gives an advantage to those who employ "frogging" techniques for ascending.

02 Key Features

Belay loop 30kN and D connections 25kN

Double front attachments (Merlin 4 & 6 only)

One rear dorsal attachment point. Fold away when not required

Two side attachment points. Fold back when not required. (Merlin 5 and 6 only).

Front fixed carabiner (standard Merlin Harness only)

Front fixed chest croll

3 gear loops & 4 equipment rings

Quick Clip buckles on leg loops (QC type only)

Slotted waist for fitting pouches, bolt bags or tool frogs

Laminated sandwich closed cell foam padding

Shaped waist and legs for extra comfort

High quality polyester webbing

Fully adjustable waist and legs

Step in  fitting or wrap around fitting

Conforms to: EN361:2002, EN358:1999 & EN813:2008


Waist Circumference: 74cm – 114 cm

Legs Circumference: 48cm – 84 cm

Weight (Merlin 6)    : 2.15 kg

Merlin Full Body Codes

Note: The harness number denotes the number of attachment points

Merlin Full Body Harness

Merlin 6 H0075

Merlin 5 H0074

Merlin 4 H0073

Merlin Tech Full Body Harness

Merlin 6 H0075T

Merlin 5 H0074T

Merlin 4 H0073T

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SAR Merlin Full Body Harness