SAR Osprey QC Chest Harness

01 Overview

SAR Osprey QC Chest Harness
The SAR Osprey QC Chest Harness is an upgrade in design and materials of classic chest harness models produced in the past. The chest harness has fitted adjustable shoulder and chest straps for improved fit and comfort for the user.

The Osprey harness is fitted with a front attachment quick clip buckle for easy fitting and removal.

The Osprey QC's Chest Harness has a front loop for use with a link sling to keep the user in an upright sit position when connected to the sit harness to give a full body harness which conforms to EN361.

The Osprey QC vest harness has the option of having padding added to the harness to improved comfort, the padding comes with a detachable gear rack for hanging tools or light equipment, lanyard parking loops and velcro tabs for securing lanyard legs.

02 Key Features

Fully adjustable chest

Quick clip buckle front harness connection

Wrap around adjustable chest strap and adjustable shoulder straps with interlocking fixed buckle systems.

Interlocking shoulder buckle system

High grade polyester webbing

Please note that this product includes a 20cm Link sling as standard

Conforms to: EN361 only when used with a SAR sit harness and a link sling

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