01 Overview

SAR Pick Off Rescue Kit
The SAR Pick Off Rescue Kit is for retrieving someone who has deployed their fall arrest lanyards or someone incapacitated whilst aid climbing, or for many other scenarios.

The SAR Pick Off rescue Kit allows the casualty to be lifted from their attachment point and lowered to safety.

The addition of the optional Long reach Pole means that the rescuer can effect the rescue remotely without committing themselves over the edge.

The Pick Off Rescue Lit is the ideal solution for situations where an easy to use pre-rigged rescue system is required. It comes supplied in a high visability storage bag and can be easily carried to the work site, ready for action should the need arise.

The kit includes a 1.5m anchor strop, a compact self contained haul system, a RAD, and 11mm low stretcher rope to the length of your choice all pre-rigged ready for use.

02 Key Features

Available lengths: 30m, 60m or 100m. Or any length on request.

Available with or without “Long reach Pole”. The Long Reach Pole has its own carry bag.

Weight of system with 30m of rope: 4.55kg

Weight of Long Reach Pole and bag: 0.8kg

Product Codes

  • 30m: RS030/30
  • 60m: RS030/60
  • 100m: RS030/100
  • 30m with pole: RS030/30P
  • 60m with pole: RS030/60P
  • 100m with pole: RS030/100P

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SAR Pick Off Rescue Kit