SAR RAD Rope Adjustment Devices

01 Overview

SAR RAD - Rope Adjustment Devices
The SAR RAD - Rope Adjustment Device has evolved fro the A-B descender to be a smaller, lighter and more versatile device. It is ideal as a second descender or a spare for emergency use.

The RAD can be used in conjunction with a rope lanyard to form an adjustable work positioning lanyard (EN358). It may also be used as a stand alone rope adjustment device (EN12841-C, descender) or a belay device (EN15151: Type 6).

02 Key Features

EN358:1999 & EN12841:2006-C – 10.5-12.7mm rope diameter rated to 200kg

EN15151-1:2012 Type 6 – 9.9-11mm Dynamic Rope Diameter

Material: High Strength alloy plates and handle anodised with stainless steel cam and spindles

Weight: 310gms

Conforms to EN12841:2006-C, EN15151:2012 Type 6 & EN358:1999

Product Code

RAD Rope Adjustment Device: X0147


SAR RAD – Rope Adjustment Device