01 Overview

SAR Raid Sit harness

The SAR Raid Sit harness is fully adaptable for any situation. It was designed following close consultation with the military and police.

It can be separated into its component parts to be used as a stand alone restraint / battle belt, or can be used with the legs loops as a standard sit harness.

The closed cell foam padding features a MOLLE compatible PALS panel, this is attached in such a way that allows the main waist belt to be threaded either inside the PALS panel, or outside depending on the type of pouches being used.

With intervention in mind, the leg loop buckles are positioned so they don't compromise a leg holster if worn. The 2 gear loops are also detachable if required.

Many options are available with this harness, including the addition of a rear restraint attachable point (webbing,Tri D or cranked D) Quik Clip Bucklesto just legs or legs and waiost, storage pouch for leg loops when not in use.

The laser cut MOLLE system on the waist pad comes in the configuration listed in the size panel.

02 Key Features

Rated to 150Kg

30kN belay loop

Fully adjustable waist and legs

Modular system -full adjustable

MOLLE compatible

Cam colour choice is IRR & antibac treated

High grade polyester webbing

Conforms to: EN813:2008,  EN12277-C2015 and also conforms to EN358:1999 if a restraint point is fitted.

Product codes

Raid Sit Harness:                    – Black  H0017Blk

Raid Sit Harness Quik Clik:     – Black  H0017BlkQC

Raid Sit Harness:                   –  Camouflage   H0017Cam

Raid Sit Harness Quik Clik:      – Camouflage   H0017CamQC

Size and Weights

X small weight: 796g                     Size – Waist 77 to 102cm –            Leg 50 to 67cm

Small – Medium weight: 900g     Size – waist 85 to 112cm                Leg 50 to 74cm

Large – X Large weight: 990g     Size – waist 98 to 130cm                Leg 50 to 89cm

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