SAR Raptor Full Body Harness

01 Overview

SAR Raptor Full Body Harness

The SAR Raptor Full Body harness has been designed for rope access and technical rescue personnel who prefer a multi purpose body without a restrictive chest strap.

Thgis approach comes from years of experience of being suspended in a harness and a different approach and attitude in the approach and attitude in the evolution of harness design. Modifications to the initial concept have been made over the years due to constructive feedback from harness users.

The Raptor harness, like the Merlin, has the innovative pattern that includes two independent front waist attachment points in different profiles. This is so rope access and rescue technicians can utilise any type of rope descender without twisting the system.

The Raptor 6 has two side D connections that fold back flat when not required. The harness also has sandwich closed cell foam formed and shaped pads for waist and legs giving enhanced comfort.

02 Key Features

Belay loop 30kN and D connections 25kN

Double front attachments

One rear dorsal attachment point.

Two side attachment points. (Raptor 6 only).

Four reinforced snag free gear rack loops

Easy and reliable interlocking buckle system

Laminated sandwich closed cell foam padding

Shaped waist and legs for extra comfort

High quality polyester webbing

Fully adjustable waist and legs

Step in  fitting or wrap around fitting

Conforms to: EN361:2002, EN358:1999 & EN813:2008


Waist Circumference: 74cm – 114 cm

Legs Circumference : 42cm – 70 cm

Weight (Raptor 4)    :  1.5o kg

Weight (Raptor 6)    :  1.75 kg

Raptor Full Body Codes

Note: The harness number denotes the number of attachment points

Raptor 4 H0030

Raptor 6 H0031


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SAR Raptor Full Body Harness