SAR Rescue Pulley System

01 Overview

SAR Rescue Pulley Systemr
The SAR Rescue Pulley System is made from marine grade pulleys and 8mm kernmantle cord. It has an integral twin cam brake that can be set at differing angles for positive locking or unlocking. The system has a 3:1 mechanical advantage.

The SAR rescue pulley system is an ideal piece of equipment for getting an injured worker up a cable line, off an activated lanyard or transferring from one rope to another as well as many other emergency applications.

The rescue pulley system must always be used along with a safety back up system.

02 Key Features

W.L.L. 150kg – (safety factor 6:1)

Pulley Working Ratio  3:1

Max Working length from the casualty : 7.5m

Max Working length from top anchor : 10 m

Bag Size: 40cm long x 20 cm diameter

Weight 2 kg

Variations in lengths on request


SAR Rescue Pulley System