01 Overview

SAR Rocker

The SAR Rocker is designed primarily as a safety back up device in two rope systems - industrial rope access, technical rescue etc. as a fall arrest device in the event of main line failure.

It is suitable for use as a back up in a 2 person rescue scenario, as it is rated to 200kg

To be used as an EN12814-A (safety line adjustment device) back up, the rocker must be connected to the upper(Sternal/chest) connection point on the user's harness. SAR recommend it is used with their 10c Rocker Sling assembly.

The Rocker can be used as part of a flexible line fall line fall arrest set up on a ladder / tower., as a pulley brake for hauling or in many other situations.

SAR strongly recommend that technicians are trained in the use of the Rocker.

02 Key Features


Average Static Load:  3.5kN

Max Dynamic impact:  5.9kN

Static Strength:  15kN

Max Dynamic Impact: 200kgs 5.7kN

Max Static 350kg

Material high strength alloy with hard anodising on cams

Weight 169 gms



Fall arrest back up device

Work positioning locking device

Horizontal safety line absorbing anchor

Rope access and Rescue safety back up.

Pulley brake


Belay Brake

Conforms to EN 353-2:2002,    EN358:1999  &  EN12481 A:2006