SAR Single and Twin Rope Lanyard

01 Overview

SAR Single and Twin Rope lanyard

The SAR Single and Twin Rope Lanyard are made using an 11mm low stretch nylon rope. The high twist 32 strand mantle braid provides for high abrasion protection, better grip and high dirt resistance.

The lanyard is supplied as standard with scaffold hooks and connection carabiner. It can be supplied with any of the SAR EN361 connectors or with no connectors.

02 Key Features

Maximum working load 130kg

Nylon 11mm low stretch rope

Length from absorber eye to eye: 1.3m

Length when fitted with carabiner /connector: 1.6m


Conforms to: EN355:2002

Product Codes

  • Single: L0019C (with scaffold hooks)
  • Single: L0019C (without scaffold hooks)
  • Twin: L0021C (with scaffold hooks)
  • Twin: L0021 (without scaffold hooks)


  • Single Leg: 420g (for a 1.3m without connectors).
  • Twin Leg: 540g (for a 1.3m without connectors).
  • Note: Other legs can be made, up to a maximum total length of 2m.


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