01 Overview

SAR Spec Chest Harness
The SAR Spec Chest Harness and the Spc Cest Ascent harness were developed in tandem with the Spec Sit Harness to give full capability for a full body harness to be created.

Both chest harnesses are threaded onto the Spec Sit via the attachment buckle on the rear of the waist belt and can be left permanently attached or can be removed if required. The Spec chest has a triple lock carabiner for the front attachment whilst te Spec Chest Ascent is connected via the sewn in ascender using the supplied maillon.

Both Spec Chest harnesses conform to the new defence material standard for helicopter use.

02 Key Features

Rated to 150kg

Front sternal and rear dorsal D’s

High grade polyester

Weight :- Spec Chest Harness 0.6 kg

: – Spec Chest Ascent 0.75kg

Conforms to: EN361:2002 & EN12277 -D2015 when used with any Spec Sit harness model. Also conforms to DMS 4-43-01:2018

SAR Harnesses

SAR Spec Chest Harness