01 Overview

SAR Steel Klet
The SAR Steel Klet is the steel version of the alloy klet carabiner. l carabiner with screw gate has a high strength to weight ratio giving it a tensile strength of 25kN.

The SAR Streel Klet has the same dimensions as the alloy klet, a wide base and excellent gate clearance.

The SAR Steel Klet carabiner features a screw gate closure and its key lock design gives it a catch free gate.

02 Key Features

Material:  Steel Zinc plate

Strength: 50kN

Gate Opening Strength: 20kN

Sideways Strength: 15kN

Gate Opening Size: 25mm

Weight: 119 mm

Width: 77mm

Conforms to:   EN362

Individual Serial numbers

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SAR Steel Klet