01 Overview

The Sked Evac CSR kit provides a great starting point to fundamentally address the needs of equipment for a confined space rescue. It includes a generous and comprehensive range of equipment which include the Sked-evac tripod, the Sked basic rescue system SK-200-OR and the Oregon Spine Splint II

The Sked Evac CSR kit comes in a range of 4 lengths - 10, 15, 25 and 35m dependent upon your needs.

02 Key Features

The Sked Evac CSR Kits contains

SK-700 Sked Evac Tripod

SK-701 Sked-evac Tripod Bag

SK-200-OR Sked Basic Rescue System

SK-300-OR Oregon Spine Splint

OP-2029 Ambu Collar Assortment Kit

SK-720-XX Skedco 4:1 Rescue Hauler Kit (XX defines length of rope).

2 x OP2107D Full body adjustable rescue harness

SK-740-XX Tag Line (XX- defines length of rope)

SK-740-XX Belay Line

SK-911-12 Skedco 12 feet x 3 inch Anchor line (approx 3.5m x 7.5cm)

SK-731 Continuous loop sling

B17 Petzl handled ascender

2 x A06 Petzl Ecrin best helmet – yellow

SK-730 Sked Rescue Stirrup with screw link

SK-732 Rope Pad

SK-993 24″ Rope Guard

6 x SK-206 Large Locking D Steel Carabiners

Lengths available 10, 15, 25, 35 meters

The Sked Basic Rescue System consists of

SK-201 The Sked Stretcher

SK-202 Cordura Backpack / Towing Harness

SK-203 Horizontal Lifting Slings

SK-204 Tow Strap

SK-205 Removable webbing handles

SK-206 Steel Locking D Carabiner

SK-207 Vertical Lifting Sling

The Sked Oregon Spine Splint II consists of:

SK-300 The Oregon Spine Splint OSSII main body

SK-301 Collar Strap

SK-302 Forehead Restraint

SK-302A Dispos-a-pads

SK-303 Shoulder Board

SK-304 Head Pads

SK-305 Carrying case