SAR Twin Clip Loop Lanyard

01 Overview

SAR Twin Clip Loop Lanyard
The Twin Clip Loop Lanyard is made using 25mm polyester superweb with a total length of 1.3m. It has a protected connection eye on each leg of the lanyard. This is so the user can wrap the lanyard around larger anchors and still load the connector/karabiner in the correct profile. This also shortens the lanyard therefore reducing any potential fall distance.

The lanyard can be supplied with or without scaffold hooks & karabiner.

02 Key Features

Material: Material: 25mm polyester superweb
Clip loop eyes: 2 per leg
Length from absorber eye to fly end eye: 1.3m
Length when fitted with connectors: 1.6m
Maximum working load: 130kg

Note: Other lengths can be made, up to a max total length of 2m or the lanyard can be supplied without any connectors fitted.

Conforms to: EN355-2002

SAR twin clip loop lanyard