01 Overview

The Versa Elite evacuation chair is an upgrade of the very popular Versa Evacuation Chair. It comes with cushioned seat, arm rests, and head rest. The Versa Elite also benefits from having a horizontal waist high push bar which enables the chair to be used as a transit chair. It also benefits from a 4 point harness

With the features that the Versa Elite benefits from, it means that the evacuation chair is well suited to those who suffer from upper body mobility or control issues, as well as making it just a much more comfortable evacuation chair than almost all others available.

The Versa Elite has the sled runner style tracks which allow it to transition easily from landings to downstair travel. .

Comes with wall bracket and storage cover.

A really good option for evacuating personnel on upper floors.

02 Details


Black padded seats and arm rests for greater comfort

Cushioned adjustable head rest with head band/

Foot rest with ankle support strap

Integral 4 point harness for added security

Large front wheels which glide over carpet.

Travels easily on landings, corridors and downstairs with large rear wheels

Advanced belt system ensure smooth down stair travel

Curved handles by feet to allow lifting of the chair particularly useful for changes in landing level or a few upward steps.

Comfort Hand grips for operator

Comes with wall bracket and storage bag

CAPACITY 180kg (28st.)
STAIR ANGLE 28-42 degrees
LANDING SIZE 80 x 80cm (32″ x 32″)
DIMENSIONS STORED 104 x 50 x 29 cms (41″ x 20″ x11″ )
WEIGHT 14.7 kg