Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher – ProSeal

01 Overview

The Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher - ProSeal is a unique concept of placing the stretcher in a sealed bag providing the stretcher with a life span of up to 20 years. Providing the seal has not been broken - inspect the seal and move on.

The Chrysalis is the first and only hermetically sealed stretcher. Position the Chrysalis Stretcher and leave it knowing it will be pristine when stretcher is needed and the bag seal is eventually broken.

The Chrysalis stretcher is a roll up stretcher which when rolled up is only 80cms wide and has a diameter of less than 30cms. Whn laid flat it is 215 cms long and 79cms wide. It comes with a unique integral casualty harness.

The stretcher can be hoisted both horizontally and vertically for rescue from a wide range of confined, exposed or high locations.

02 Options

03 Features & Applications

Special Features -Chrysalis Stretcher

For vertical or horizontal lifting and lowering – includes the lifting bridle

Integral support stirrup for vertical lifting

SWL of 260kg based on a factor of 10:1. Tested with 4m fall mass of 140kg

Integral casualty restraint harness

Low profile side handles aid handling with minimal risk of snagging

Spine board compatible

Six straps to secure casualty

All components machine washable.

Supplied rolled in Kari 50L transport/storage bag

Special Features ProSeal

Multiple protective layers ensure perfect storage conditions

Fully protected against damage – durable barrier bag and outer protective storage container

Extremely simple inspection – quick and easy check of the seal without having to remove the stretcher from site.

With seal unbroken extends life of stretcher up to 20 years

Proseal Storage Bag