Heightec ProSeal Storage Solution

01 Overview

The Heightec ProSeal Storage Solution

The Ultimate Storage Solution for mission-critical equipment.

Gives a maximum 20 year lfespan while offering an extremely simple inspection process.

Protects against degradation prolonging the life of the equipment it contains.

The ProSeal storage solution provides the ideal storage conditions for rescue kits and has been designed specifically for Heightec Rescue Systems as well as the Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher

Proseal is a simple tough storage method for equipment that needs robust protection during long term storage to guarantee the functionality and quality of the rescue and evacuation equipment contained within.

02 Key Features

Total Protection

Guaranteed Functionality

20 years lifespan

Complete peace of mind

Multiple Protective layers ensure perfect storage conditions

Fully protected against damage  Рdurable barrier bag and outer protective storage container

Internal stirrup support for vertical lifting. Extremely simple inspection – quick and easy process without removing any kit from site

Inner foil barrier, hermetically sealed with integrated humidity indicator.

Secondary padded layer for increased protection.

Outer storage container for ease of transportation.

Simple inspection process – fast and simple

Negligible  downtime giving reduced costs

ProSeal Storage Solution cannot be purchased on its own.

ProSeal Storage solutions are available with all Heightec rescue and evacuation systems as well as the Heightec Chrysalis stretcher. These are:

  • Heightec RescuePack WTG Rescue System – Barrel
  • Heightec RescuePack WTG Rescue System – Aluminium Case
  • Heightec Rescue Pack TC Tower Crane Rescue System
  • Heightec Rotor Evaq System
  • Heightec TowerPack Pro Rescue System
  • Heightec TowerPack Rescue System
  • Heightec RescuePack Reach
  • Heightec i-scape Personal Escape System
  • Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher
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