ISC TP143B Tripod System

01 Overview

ISC Tripod Heads are manufactured from Cast Aluminium for strength and durability. The standard version (TP143) is fitted with two pulley wheels, with removable captive pins to keep the rope/wire line in place on the pulley wheel. The standard Tripod also has two swivel-eye anchor points. The Tripod legs are adjusted with R-Clips, up to a maximum overall height of 255cm (approximately 100”). ISC Tripods are ideal for work and rescue in confined spaces.

Extensive testing of ISCr Tripods without a foot retention strap has confirmed that our Tripods meet & exceed the strength requirements of the standard, without the need to tether the feet. Our Tripod can therefore be supplied and used without a foot retention strap, meaning that the trip hazard around the Tripod is greatly reduced.

02 Key Features

Number of persons:
(WLL) Working Load Limit: 360kg (771lbs)
MBS Minimum Breaking Strength: 3600kN (7936lbf)
Finish: Powder coated head
Colour: Red
May be serviced: Yes
Weight: 2.2kg (49lb)
Industries: Industrial Height Safety • Rope Access • Edge Management
Approved Standards:
EN 795 (B) 1997
Meets NFPA [G] Rating

Height (maximum) 255cm (8′ 4″) [A]
Headroom Height 225cm (7′ 5″) [B]
Length of Tripod collapsed 190cm (74¾) [B]