01 Overview

The Petzl Nest Stretcher allows the casualty to be transported vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

Easy to use: - The stretcher has a complete, integrated body harness to secure the victim - Coulor coded straps makes installation simpler and safer. - Transverse attachment points are aligned to facilitate attachment of buckles - Quick and easy adjustment, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles. The locking system of the buckle limits the risk of accidental unfastening - Straps are flexible and easy to use, even when wearing gloves. - Longitudinal stays and transverse plates can be removed to reduce bulk during access to confined spaces Durable: - Handles are reinforced with high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE), for better grip and durability - Smooth, rigid plastic bottom ensures easy sliding - Reversible comfort foam for the back of the victim limits water absorption - Positioning foam at the thighs and feet adapts to all body types - Durable construction, thanks to the straps being integrated through their attachment points

02 Key Features

Suitable for Vertical or Horizontal Lifting

Colour Coded Straps for ease of packaging of the casualty.

The stretcher has a complete, integrated body harness to secure the casualty.

Quick and easy to use and package the casualty with Fast Lt Plus automatic buckles.

Petzl Nest Stretcher
Length  200cm
Width  50cm
Depth  5cm
Max Weight Load                                           150kg
Life Span 10 Years


03 Accessories Available

The Petzl Nest Stretcher offers  two accessories, both important and both recommended to be included in your purchase.

  • The Stef Tilting Device or Harness which enables the Nest stretcher to be lifted either vertically, horizontally or at an angle.
  • The Storage Bag for the Nest Stretcher – keeps the stretcher clean and tidy while waiting ready to be deployed.
  • Pack of four longitudinal stays (ref.S61904)