01 Overview

The SAR Alpine Stretcher is offered in two options the Civilian rescue option and the mountain rescue option.

The Alpine stretcher folds in half so that it can be carried on the back of one person.It is also stored in the bag in this position. If necessary it can be split in half and each half carried separately for longer treks..

The Mountain Rescue Option has a Skid Pan underneath to protect the casualty over stony ground. It also makes it easier to sledge over snowy ground.

Both the Mountain Rescue option and the civilian rescue option come with a lifting sling - 1.2m for the civilian rescue option and 2.0m for the mountain rescue option.

Carry handles come as standard with the mountain rescue option but need to be bought as an optional extra with the civilian rescue option.

The two main vertical lifting loops are positioned at the shoulder which provides a true vertical lifting position for the casualty.

Both options are supplied with a carry bag, which incorporates an outside pocket for inspection records.

Both options can be fitted to the SAR stretcher wheel, which must be ordered separately.

02 Key Features

The SAR Alpine Stretcher comes in two options – Civilian Rescue and Mountain Rescue (as does its sister stretcher the Alpine Lite)

The SAR Alpine stretcher comes with lifting slings (the civilian rescue  option 1.2 meters; the mountain rescue option 2.0 meters)

Both mountain rescue and civilian rescue options come with a storage bag, which incorporates an outside pocket for inspection records.

The Alpine Stretcher folds in two for easier carrying and storage (in the supplied bag).

The Mountain rescue option and the civilian rescue option can be fitted with carry handles. These come as standard on the mountain rescue option while the civilian rescue option requires these to be purchased as an optional extra.

The Mountain Rescue option has skid pan protection which protects the casualty over rough stony ground and makes it easier to sledge over snow

Both can be fitted onto the SAR stretcher wheel. (This can be ordered separately)

SAR Alpine Stretcher Technical Data


210 cms

Length Folded

1.05 meters


60 cms .

Runner Depth


Stretcher Depth


Weight of Stretcher

Civilian Stretcher – 13.45kgs

Mountain Rescue – 15kgs

Load load limit - horizontal

300 kgs