01 Overview

The SAR Evac Body Splint can be lifted horizontally and vertically as well as being able to be carried or dragged.

The SAR Evac Body Splint has been updated with a thicker, more abrasion resistant lower skin and a new lightweight upper skin which maintains the overall light weight.

The splint has a width of 68cms at the shoulders and hips area and a length of 205cms.

It benefits from six lifting loops three on each side, positioned along the main torso of the casualty. All the restraining straps are 50mm wide with easy to adjust clip buckles.

It has an integral body harness made form 25mm webbing with crutch padding and adjustable foot support with padding for extra security. This will stop body slip when in a vertical or angled lifting mode.

The two main vertical lifting loops are positioned at the shoulder which provides a true vertical lifting position for the casualty.

The head section can be formed into a cone to deflect debris when dragging through confined spaces.

The padded head restraint also doubles up as the securing strap when the stretcher is rolled up for storage and transport.

02 Key Features

The SAR Evac body splint has been upgraded with a thicker, more abrasion proof lower skin and a new lighter weight upper skin.

Six lifting loops, three each side along the torso area.

Integral body harness to provide security and prevent body slip when in an angled or vertical position

Comes with a carry bag which measures 75 x 30cms when holding the SAR evac body splint.

Padded inner for patient comfort.The two main vertical lifting loops are positioned by the shoulder providing a good vertical attitude.

All the main restraining straps have easy to adjust plastic buckles.

Weighs only 7.2kgs

SAR evac body splint Technical Data


205 cms


68 cms along shoulder to hips.

Packed Size

Inside and including storage bag


7.2 kgs

Load load limit - vertical

150 kgs

Load load limit - horizontal

300 kgs

03 Accessories

For lifting a 4 point harness is required – ST007 1.2m adjustable