01 Overview

The Sked Complete Rescue System SK-800-OR combines the three best selling rescue systems- The Sked Basic Rescue System The Oregon Spine Splint II The Sked Flotation System

The entire system can be rigged together on the Sked Cordura bag to provide an easy to carry backpack.

The Sked complete rescue system comes with either standard buckles or cobra buckles

Comes in either International Orange or OD Green.

Details of all the systems and what they include are detailed below.

Replacement parts for all the systems included are easy to obtain.

02 Key Features

The Sked Complete Rescue System combines the following three systems

SK-200 The Sked Basic Rescue System

SK-300 The Oregon Spine Splint II

SK-600 Sked Basic Flotation System

Buckles Standard Buckles or Cobra Buckles
Colour International Orange or OD Green
Water Rescue There would be the opportunity to substitute CO2 inflated systems in place of the basic foam flotation system if required.
The Sked Basic Rescue System consists of

SK-201 The Sked Stretcher

SK-202 Cordura Backpack / Towing Harness

SK-203 Horizontal Lifting Slings

SK-204 Tow Strap

SK-205 Removable webbing handles

SK-206 Steel Locking D Carabiner

SK-207 Vertical Lifting Sling

The Sked Oregon Spine Splint II consists of:

SK-300 The Oregon Spine Splint OSSII main body

SK-301 Collar Strap

SK-302 Forehead Restraint

SK-302A Dispos-a-pads

SK-303 Shoulder Board

SK-304 Head Pads

SK-305 Carrying case

The Sked Basic Foam Flotation System consists of:

SK-601 Ballast Weight

SK-602 Inflatable Chest pad

SK-603 Ethafoam Float Logs (pair)

SK-604 Extra Long Handles

SK-209 Retaining Strap